Business Name: UK-3C Parts


1. Our products:

Notebook Adapter, Notebook Battery & Car Charger.


2. Our promise:

No tax;

Easy return;

SSL security;

1 year warranty;

Same day shipping;

30 days return period;

  7 * 24 hours of online service.


3.Our Customers

we believe that our customers deserve fair and honest pricing, excellence in technical support, and a wide battery and adapter selection. We offer batteries/adapters for over 100,000 notebook.


4.Our Staff:

we believe that has a duty to provide our staff with fair wages and benefits, a clean and safe work environment, and flexible scheduling. Our employees are the heart of and the front line for all of our customers.


5.Our Suppliers:

we believe our suppliers are an important part of our business. They are partners in our effort to serve our customers, shareholders and employees. Our suppliers help us deliver exceptional parts with minimal defects and a very high level of quality assurance that bring to the aftermarket the highest quality parts.


6.Our Shareholders:

we believe we have a duty to our shareholders to provide back to them a reasonable and fair profit. We also have a responsibility to everyone to minimize waste and keep our costs down and our prices low.